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Los Angeles Movers Tipping Guide

Do you really need to tip your moving company? What is the customary tip amount specifically in Los Angeles, California?

We spoke to multiple moving companies in the area, and are spilling the beans on what they won’t tell you.

Here is everything you need to know about tipping your LA moving company.

Do you need to tip Los Angeles movers?

Tips in the moving industry are appreciated but not required. They can be somewhat expected depending on who you ask, but not as much as other industries where tips are basically required.

Unlike the food service industry where tips are required to make up for atrocious wages, movers are paid relatively well. Movers in Los Angeles usually start at a wage of around $20/hour. Leadership positions can earn upwards of $35 an hour.

According to a Los Angeles moving company that we talked to, they do not rely on tips, but they always hope to get them. They told us that on average, about 2 out of every 3 customers will tip. If they went above and beyond for a job, or it was particularly difficult (lots of stairs, extra heavy equipment, picky & protective clientele), then they may be a bit irritated if they did not receive a tip.

So tips in the moving industry are somewhat expected, but not required. If you worked your movers extra hard, then you should consider a nice tip all the more.

Do you need to tip movers? No.

Should you tip movers? Yes.

How much should you tip your LA moving company?

Unlike the customary 15%-20% tip in many industries,  most  agree that you should tip per mover per full day’s work.

In general, the national expectation is to tip between $20 – $50 per mover per full days day work. A half day for a small short distance move would be half that. Exceptional service should fall in the higher end of this range.

In Los Angeles, you should tip your movers between $30 and $60 per mover per full day’s work, to adjust for the increased cost of living.

If you are moving a long distance or interstate, this does not include days spent driving.

Our Los Angeles moving source told us that most of the time, when they do receive a tip, it is on average about $40 per mover per day. They were happy to receive any tips of $20 per day or more.

To make things simple, plan on shelling out $50 per mover per day for your LA movers, which would be considered more than generous. You can tip $60+ per mover per day if you were particularly happy with their services. You just might make their day.

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4 “tips” on tipping your mover

1. Tip in cash

Tipping in cash (or Venmo) is definitely the route to go. The main reason is your movers get it right away. If you tack it onto your total bill (which is fine too), they won’t get the tip until later.

2. Tip individually

The most personable way to tip is to hand cash to each mover individually after the job is done. You can even put it in an envelope with their name on it if you want to add a nice little touch.

3. Tip the same amount

This one goes without saying – but even if you like 1 mover more than the other, its etiquette to tip the same amount to each worker.

4. Be mindful

There are other ways to tip your movers than cash. Cold drinks, snacks, and simple mindfulness of their needs will go a long way in showing them your appreciation.

The Bottom Line

Moving tips are not required in Los Angeles, but can be expected – especially if your job was extra tough. If you can’t or don’t want to tip them, however, it’s not the end of the world. Simply providing some refreshments and being mindful of their needs can also go a long ways.

If you do tip your LA movers (which you should if you can), tip them between $50-$60 per mover per day, in cash. If you love them, or your job was extra tough, of course you can always tip more. On the flip side, if you weren’t too fond of their services (like if they were rude, lazy or damaged your belongings), then skip the tip no sweat.

Follow these unspoken tipping rules to ensure that your movers feel appreciated, and so you can feel good about yourself.