space saving packing

10 Space Saving Tips for Packing Your Suitcase

Whether you are packing your bag for moving or a weekend getaway, space may not always be in abundance. Packing your items space-efficiently will ensure portability and allow you to bring all of your essential items. Here are 10 space saving tips for packing your suitcase.

1. Take Inventory and Prioritize

space saving suitcase tip 1 take inventory and prioritize

Start with the essentials and know what to pack in advance. Weigh the space expense vs. the value. Socks? Check. Giant teddy bear? Maybe consider leaving that at home.

2. Fill Hollow Items

space saving suitcase tip 2 fill your shoes with socks

Make use of the extra space in your shoes by packing socks or other items inside of them. Packing for a ski trip? Be sure to fill your boots and helmet up too.

3. Use Travel Size Toiletries

suitcase space saving tip 3 use travel size toiletries

Rather than bringing full-size shampoos, gels, and toothpaste, only put the amount you will need into travel size containers or purchase travel size toiletries.

4. Use a Pill Organizer

close up of pill organizer to save space packing suitcase

Ditch the bulky vitamin and medication bottles and consolidate only what you need into smaller containers or a pill organizer.

5. Replace the Toiletry Bag With a Ziploc Bag

suitcase space saving tip 5 use ziploc bags to store toiletries

Dopp kits and other bags within bags are wasted space. Consider using Ziploc bags instead. Be sure to squeeze the additional air out of them before closing to maximize your space savings.

6. Wear It Instead of Packing It

woman wearing many items to save space in her suitcase

Coats, sweaters, hats, glasses – anything that you can put on yourself and not in your suitcase will save space.

7. Vacuum Seal Bulky Clothing

vacuum sealed bags for packing

If you need to pack something bulky that can be squished down such as a coat or blanket, consider vacuum sealed bags.

8. Fold Neatly and Consistently

cartoon of folded clothes to save space packing

Folding all of your clothes (yes underwear too) not only keeps things tidy and wrinkle-free, it also saves space. Some people recommend rolling your clothes to save even more space.

9. Play Tetris

3d infographic showing arrangement of suitcase packing

The more evenly packed and interlocked your luggage is, the more space you will save. Try to pack in horizontal tiers, and finish off the top tier as evenly as possible.

10. Get a Buddy to Help Zip Your Bag Up

couple zipping up suitcase together

So you’ve followed all the above instructions but you still can’t get the last 6 inches of zipper to close. Have a friend assist in forcing the 2 zipper tracks together as you pull the zipper shut.